Digitalized maintenance

Nexer Asset Management has a clear vision of digitalized maintenance within seven specific areas. Based on this, and your own digital strategies, we define your unique target vision, your current situation and the steps we need to take together in order for you to achieve digitalized maintenance. And for every step we have real solutions that are already in use today.

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Our vision: with digital technology you can streamline your maintenance in seven ways ↓
  • 1. Use facts to guide and manage the business.
  • 2. Data analysis (AI) that helps you optimize the right action at the right time.
  • 3. All maintenance is planned with optimal resource utilization.
  • 4. All information is available in mobile devices, including VR / AR.
  • 5. Supplies are optimized, including 3D printing of some spare parts.
  • 6. Working methods and systems are based on best practice.
  • 7. You receive support in developing skills and recruiting the right digital talents.

Asset Performance Center

To accelerate digital development, SigmaAsset Management brings together broad experience in a competence center – the Asset Performance Center. The purpose is to gather the broad experience Sigma has from various customers, partners, academia and industry organizations, in order to create solutions that quickly produce results for those customers who want to be at the forefront of digitalization.

Examples of ongoing development projects are fully mobile maintenance systems and the use of AI in a number of areas.


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