Maximo Implementation – The Swedish Transport Administration

The Swedish Transport Administration is responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of state roads and railways where Maximo is used as a common maintenance system. Nexer Asset Management is the responsible implementation partner, as well as partner for application management and further development of the system.

Asset control and efficient maintenance

Following a procurement in 2014, Nexer Asset Management was selected as a new partner for support and further development of Maximo, within the parts of the Swedish Transport Administration which then used Maximo, mainly within the road. Nexer Asset Management’s competence, great delivery capacity and many years of experience with Maximo corresponded to the Swedish Transport Administration’s high requirements and were crucial in choosing a supplier.

In 2017, the Swedish Transport Administration decided to use Maximo as its common maintenance system in the entire operation with approximately 3500 users. Again, Nexer Asset Management was chosen as implementation partner, as well as application management partner. The project is very comprehensive and is expected to last until 2022.

Nexer Asset Management bases its delivery on the unique concept of Asset Care, where a team of different system specialists and architects with high expertise and long experience of the maintenance system Maximo, implements, supports and further develops the system.

With Maximo, the Swedish Transport Administration is continuously streamlining, which provides harmonized working methods in a common system support. The result is improved maintenance work throughout the business with major efficiency gains.